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  • WSR568 - Percussive Universe


    Percussive Universe
    Explore the percussive universe with an eclectic collection of percussion solos, effects and sound design for drama, suspense, action, ceremony and strangeness.
  • WSR569 - Checking the Shadows


    Checking the Shadows
    Big fat urban grooves and hip hop beats under staccato strings and mysterious bells for dramedy, suspense, tension, anticipation, creeping about and checking the shadows.
  • WSR570 - Digital Prism


    Digital Prism
    Come to the digital prism where you'll find the ultimate collection of anthemic trance, techno, house, electronica and sexy urban grooves with big fat synths, vocal drops, buildups, breakdown and punchy beats.
  • WSR571 - Ceremonial Pride


    Ceremonial Pride
    A diverse collection of marches, anthems and requiems for patriotism, honor, pride, heroism, ceremonies, royalty and parades performed by military band and orchestra.

Links to our Earlier Album Releases...

  • STE401 - Crossing the Barrier


    Crossing the Barrier
    A comprehensive collection of shimmering, ambient, dramatic and ethereal soundscapes for space, underwater, tension, meditation, peace and introspection.
  • STE402 - Everything Is New


    Everything Is New
    Magical, whimsical, tender and warm themes and lullabies for children with keyboards, guitar, strings and percussion.
  • STE403 - Colorful Hats


    Colorful Hats
    A cornucopia of musical styles for comedy and cartoon including country, jazz, reggae, easy listening, retro, and all round silly ditties.
  • STE404 - Kerosene Lanterns


    Kerosene Lanterns
    Traditional country, new country, country ballads, country rock, western film score and country two step for every country occasion. Features guitars, banjo, piano, strings, jew harp, saxophone, accordion, and slide guitar.
  • STE405 - Danger, Disasater and Hope


    Danger, Disaster and Hope
    A comprehensive collection of dramatic film scores for romance, danger, tension, love, intimacy, hope and adventure performed by orchestra, piano, guitar and percussion.
  • STE406 - With Every Sunny Sky


    With Every Sunny Sky
    Cool, contemporary easy listening, west coast grooves and pop ballads with guitars, keyboards, strings, horns, saxophone, bass and percussion for leisure, business, romance and sophistication.
  • STE407 - Game Shows and Talk Shows


    Game Shows and Talk Shows
    Big, bold showbiz themes for awards shows, talks shows, sit coms and game shows of the 50s, 60s and 7os by big band. Authentic and energetic!
  • STE408 - Neon Jazz & Blues


    Neon Jazz & Blues
    An impressive collection of Swing, Be Bop, Jazz Ballad, Jazz Fusion and Dixieland performed by piano, vibraphone, trumpet, saxophone, banjo, clarinet, bass and percussion.
  • STE409 - News Desk


    News Desk
    Welcome to the news desk! Epic network news themes, bulletins, fanfares, logos, beds and intros with orchestra and electronic keyboards.
  • STE410 - Many Percussive Voices


    Many Percussive Voices
    A diverse collection of percussive beds for drama, chase, tension, suspense, action, sports, drama and travel in tribal, funk, rock, Latin, industrial, African and urban styles. Features drums, percussion, tribal percussion, guitars, keyboards, bass and piano.
  • STE411 - Rock Recital


    Rock Recital
    Blow the doors off classic rock, metal, nu metal, rock n roll and funk metal with huge guitars, pounding drums and soaring melodies. All at the Rock Recital!
  • STE412 - Sports Show End Zone


    Sports Show End Zone
    The ultimate collection of traditional, blockbuster sports themes with orchestra, rock guitar and punchy drums. Hi energy, heroic and triumphant!
  • STE413 - Winning Playbook


    Winning Playbook
    Full throttle sports themes in rock and rock orchestral arrangements for winning, honor, action, achievement and owning the winning playbook!
  • STE414 - Musical World


    Musical World
    Authentic ethnic music from Africa, Ireland, Jamaica, Brazil, Trinidad, Mexico and Spain played beautifully on guitars, keyboards, steel drums, trumpet, flute, voices and percussion. A musical world indeed!