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  • WSR 502 - Dance Hall & Tropical House

    WSR 502

    Dance Hall & Tropical House
    A mind blowing mash up of Jamaican Dancehall, Urban Beats and Tropical House for fun, sports, relaxation and parties on the beach.
  • WSR 503 - Livin Large

    WSR 503

    Livin Large
    An over the top collection of trap and hip hop anthems for arena sports, action and urban settings. Loud and in your face!
  • WSR 504 - India Then and Now

    WSR 504

    India Then and Now
    A comprehensive collection of authentic Indian music featuring sitar, tablas, bansari, acoustic guitar, keyboards and percussion. Each track is arranged in a contemporary and traditional style.
  • WSR 506 - Acoustic Pop Shop

    WSR 506

    Acoustic Pop Shop
    Bright, warm and optimistic acoustic pop with guitars, keyboards, percussion and handclaps for fun, friends and positive outcomes.
  • WSR 507 - Building Trailers

    WSR 507

    Building Trailers
    Epic and cinematic electro-orchestral trailers that build from sparse intros to powerful, blockbuster finales.
  • WSR 508 - Class & Confidence - Urban Grooves

    WSR 508

    Class & Confidence - Urban Grooves
    Mellow urban grooves, chill trap and slow rolling hip hop for sophistication, class and confidence.
  • WSR 509 - Nashville Country

    WSR 509

    Nashville Country
    Traditional country and western, country rock, country ballads and bluegrass with acoustic guitars, mandolin, banjo, slide guitar, dobro, harmonica, piano, bass and percussion.
  • WSR 510 - Arena Rock Anthems with Chants

    WSR 510

    Arena Rock Anthems with Chants
    The ultimate collection of arena rock anthems with thunderous guitars, bone rattling percussion, handclaps and big vocal chants.
  • WSR 511 - World India

    WSR 511

    World India
    Contemporary Indian world music with traditional instruments and subtle keyboard pads. Features sitar, Indian flute, tablas, violin, acoustic guitar, keyboards and sequencer.
  • WSR

    WSR 512

    Many Hands Together
    Bright, optimistic electro pop with a nod to the 80s for business, industry, science and technology. Features keyboards, guitar, vocal samples and percussion.
  • WSR 513 - Cloud Computing

    WSR 513

    Cloud Computing
    A rich and contemporary collective of shimmering, driving, ambient, positive and dramatic techno, house, dub step and techno pop for science, technology and cloud computing.
  • WSR 514 - Funk Masterclass

    WSR 514

    Funk Masterclass
    Powerful, infectious 70s funk and funk rock with popping bass, punchy drums, big brass shots, organ, rock guitar, saxophones and clavichord. This is the Funk Materclass!
  • WSR

    WSR 515

    Rover Is My Friend
    Carefree, cheerful and warm-hearted indie folk for children, innocence and sunny days. Features ukulele, acoustic guitar, flute, accordion, handclaps, bells and percussion.
  • WSR

    WSR 517

    Urban Corridor Stride
    Moody, atmospheric and quirky urban grooves, jazz hop, glitch hop and ambient hip hop for mystery, sophistication, seduction, suspense and urban landscapes. Features keyboards, saxophone and percussion.

Links to our Earlier Album Releases...

  • WSR 496 - Global Fusion Beats

    WSR 496

    Global Fusion Beats
    An eclectic collection of traditional ethnic music from Greece, Italy, Israel, Russia, France and more fused with hip hop, breakbeat and drum n bass rhythms.
  • WSR 497 - Corporate Vision

    WSR 497

    Corporate Vision
    Light electronic themes with piano, synthesizers and strings for warm science, technology, business and compassionate corporate vision statements.
  • WSR 498 - Mirabella in the Moonlight

    WSR 498

    Mirabella in the Moonlight
    A comprehensive collection of latin pop, latin easy listening, latin folk and latin jazz featuring virtuoso Flamenco guitars, accordion, flute and percussion. Passionate and robust!
  • WSR 499 - Headlock Rock

    WSR 499

    Headlock Rock
    A take no prisoners album of hard rock, classic rock and heavy metal with thunderous guitars and bone rattling drums for contact sports and wrestling heroes. Big, bold, swaggering and mean.
  • WSR 491 - Sports Music – Olympic – Sports Spectacular

    WSR 491

    Sports Music – Olympic – Sports Spectacular
    Sports Spectacular is a Sports Music collection of orchestral rock, scorching guitars, inspiring pop orchestral themes and soaring horns.
  • WSR 500 - Emerald Bay

    WSR 500

    Emerald Bay
    Beautiful acoustic guitar themes in easy listening, ballad, pop, latin, folk and country blues styles. Perfect for leisure, outdoors, tenderness, romance, sophistication and good feelings.
  • WSR 501 - Streetwise Mashup

    WSR 501

    Streetwise Mashup
    An infectious, streetwise mashup of breakbeat, hip hop, dubstep, house, retro funk and soul music with keyboards, brass, strings and vocal samples. Contemporary and club friendly!
  • WSR 505 - Holiday Hip Hop

    WSR 505

    Holiday Hip Hop
    Original holiday themes in hip hop and trap styles with piano, strings, brass, bells and sleighbells. Cheerful, majestic, fun and romantic.