Westar Music Licensing

The Westar Music Library is a Rights Managed Collection.

Licenses are issued for Synchronization Rights only.

To use Westar Music in your productions you must be directly licensed. There are 2 different license types.

The Annual Blanket Agreement permits multiple uses of library music in different ways during the term of the agreement. Annual Blanket Agreements can be structured to your individual needs based on the rights you need to license and the format that you need. They are invoiced annually for a negotiated amount. Pricing is flexible depending on:

  • the amount of music available to you
  • how the music will be used
  • how long a license you sign up for

The General Agreement is a statement of intent that allows you to license individual tracks for single uses during the term of the agreement. This is a “pay as you go” process that is invoiced per use. Single Use rates are available on request.

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What to do if you get a YouTube Violation Notice

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