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  • AM 215 - American Homecoming

    AMC 215

    American Homecoming
    Warm, sentimental, hopeful and proud themes with piano, strings, woodwinds, horn, harp and acoustic guitar for nostalgia,friendship and American homecomings.
  • AM 216 - Feelgood Country

    AMC 216

    Feelgood Country
    Positive, feelgood country, country blues and country rock for road trips, leisure, friendship and motivation.
  • AM 217 - Spanish Cinema

    AMC 217

    Spanish Cinema
    Elegant moods, atmospheres and themes for Spanish Cinema with Flamenco Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano and Percussion. Ominous, eerie, sultry, romantic, passionate and suspenseful!
  • AM 218 - Indierama

    AMC 218

    Indie anthems, Indie rock, Indie ballads, Indie pop and rousing Indie folk. Features electric guitars, acoustic guitars and keyboards. Indierama!
  • AM 220 - Prism in the Sky

    AMC 220

    Prism in the Sky
    Warm, hopeful, sentimental and optimistic themes with piano, acoustic guitars, cello, harp and violin that evoke love, friendship, honesty, romance and compassion.

Links to our Earlier Album Releases...

  • AM 207 - Sports Arena

    AMC 207

    Sports Arena
    Triumphant fanfares, gritty classic rock, heroic orchestral rock and driving electro rock for action, glory, sports and speed. No quarter given and no quarter asked!
  • AM 208 - Soaring Images

    AMC 208

    Soaring Images
    Wondrous atmospheres, mystical soundscapes and enchanting themes for meditation, discovery, space and hope. Features strings, piano, bells, brass, voices, wind chimes and percussion.
  • AM 209 - Surfboard Update

    AMC 209

    Surfboard Update
    Hang loose with this awesome collection of contemporary California surf rock featuring gnarly guitars and tsunami percussion.
  • AM 210 - Anticipation Nation

    AMC 210

    Anticipation Nation
    Hip Hop anthems, rolling trap grooves and stadium stomps for action, sports and big events.
  • AM 211 - White Dahlias in Bloom

    AMC 211

    White Dahlias in Bloom
    A beautiful collection of traditional English Folk and Western Folk played by acoustic guitars, flute and dulcimer. Gentle, pastoral, uplifting and romantic.
  • AM 212 - Good People

    AMC 212

    Good People
    Positive acoustic pop and electro pop with piano, acoustic guitar and strings for leisure, good feelings, motivation and good people.
  • AM 213 - Working Together

    AMC 213

    Working Together
    Optimistic, high energy pop rock and indie rock with positive piano for success, sports, winning and teamwork.
  • AM 214 - Salsa Spice

    AMC 214

    Salsa Spice
    Traditional and contemporary latin music with bass, piano, acoustic guitar, brass, marimbas, vibes and percussion. Romantic, passionate, fun and mysterious.