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  • AM 222 - Good Company

    AMC 222

    Good Company
    Acoustic rock, ballads and contemporary grooves with piano, strings, acoustic guitar, bells and percussion for teamwork, corporate achievement, hope, success, love and friendship.
  • AM 223 - Down in the Bayou

    AMC 223

    Down in the Bayou
    Louisiana swamp blues, Cajun blues, country blues, southern blues, country folk and down in the bayou blues featuring acoustic guitars, electric guitars, slide guitar, dobro, mandolin and percussion. Earthy and authentic!
  • AM 224 - Patterns

    AMC 224

    Modernistic, quirky and percussive themes and patterns for drama, introspection, investigation, mystery, technology and compassion. Features marimbas, vibraphones, piano, bells, bass, percussion and Asian gamelan ensembles.
  • AM 225 - Back Home

    AMC 225

    Back Home
    Warm, intimate country - folk ballads and unplugged country rock for love, romance, tenderness, friendship and homecomings. Features acoustic guitars, banjo, piano, keyboards, bass, and percussion.
  • AM 226 - Acoustic Guitar Stories

    AMC 226

    Acoustic Guitar Stories
    Contemporary acoustic guitar ballads and themes for love, romance, nostalgia, intimacy, hope, friendship, innocence and emotion. Also features keyboards and strings.
  • AM 227 - Groovy 60s

    AMC 227

    Groovy 60s
    Groovy 60s retro rock, folk rock, surf rock, ballads and psychedelic rock with twangy guitars, bass, drums and keyboards.
  • AM 228 - Innocent Eyelashes

    AMC 228

    Innocent Eyelashes
    A beautiful collection of well known nursery thymes, songs and original themes for children, toddlers and the young at heart in a wide range of styles including country, orchestral, jazz and pop.

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  • AM 216 - Feelgood Country

    AMC 216

    Feelgood Country
    Positive, feelgood country, country blues and country rock for road trips, leisure, friendship and motivation.
  • AM 217 - Spanish Cinema

    AMC 217

    Spanish Cinema
    Elegant moods, atmospheres and themes for Spanish Cinema with Flamenco Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano and Percussion. Ominous, eerie, sultry, romantic, passionate and suspenseful!
  • AM 218 - Indierama

    AMC 218

    Indie anthems, Indie rock, Indie ballads, Indie pop and rousing Indie folk. Features electric guitars, acoustic guitars and keyboards. Indierama!
  • AM 219 - Patriotic America

    AMC 219

    Patrtiotic America
    Traditional American military songs and original themes for honor, glory, reverence and patriotism in a wide variety of arrangements. Features strings, horns , piano, percussion, guitars, ukulele, choir and mandolin.
  • AM 220 - Prism in the Sky

    AMC 220

    Prism in the Sky
    Warm, hopeful, sentimental and optimistic themes with piano, acoustic guitars, cello, harp and violin that evoke love, friendship, honesty, romance and compassion.
  • AM 221 - Fibre Optics

    AMC 221

    Fibre Optics
    Weaving patterns, rippling sequencers and glistening bells fused with pulses, contemporary beats and positive piano for technology, science, industry and corporate achievement.