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  • AMC 196 - Smile Every Morning

    AMC 196

    Smile Every Morning
    A charming, delightful collection of quirky, lighthearted and curious themes featuring acoustic guitar, pizzicato strings, harmonica, bells, marimbas, piano and percussion. Guaranteed to make you smile every morning!
  • WSR 197 - Talking Trash

    AMC 197

    Talking Trash
    Gritty guitars, trashy drums and swaggering beats reign supreme in this epic collection of classic rock, arena rock and flat out hard rock for action, sports and bad behavior.
  • WSR 198 - Business Trending Upward

    AMC 198

    Business Trending Upward
    Optimistic, uplifting themes in electronic and organic arrangements with keyboards, strings, guitars, bells and percussion for motivation, productivity, success and happy workers.
  • WSR 199 - Classical Music Meets Jazz

    AMC 199

    Classical Music Meets Jazz
    Classical music meets jazz with this album of cool swing, uptempo swing and smokey lounge arrangements of famous classical masterpieces performed by jazz trio featuring piano, upright bass and percussion. Cool, hip, romantic and sophisticated.

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  • AMC 200 - Pop Fusion Reaction

    AMC 200

    Pop Fusion Reaction
    A wide variety of hi energy jazz-pop, jazz-funk, techno funk and funk-rock fusion for action, sports, excitement and sophistication. Driving, punchy , dynamic and bold. Get ready for a pop fusion reaction!
  • AMC 201 - Picture Perfect Day

    AMC 201

    Picture Perfect Day
    Earthy, warm and feel-good indie folk and country folk with acoustic guitars, piano, bells, marimbas, accordion and percussion. The soundtrack for a picture perfect day!
  • AMC 202 - Trail Blazers

    AMC 202

    Trail Blazers
    Suit up and show up with this comprehensive collection of fresh, positive and organic indie pop, acoustic pop and rolling dance grooves for business, industry, technology and teamwork. Features piano, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, bells, handclaps and percussion.